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Volume of prism formula

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A prism is a geometrical figure consisting of rectangles or parallelograms surrounding it. There are different kinds of prisms and the prism is usually named depending on its base shape. For instance, a triangular prism has a triangular base; a rectangular prism has a rectangular base etc. Volume of a prism is the amount of space contained inside the prism and it can be calculated using its volume formula. Volume of a prism is equal to the product of area of its base and its height.

Example 1: What is the volume of a triangular prism whose base of the triangle is 1.5m, height of the triangular base is 2m and length of the prism is 5.5m?
Given: base of the triangular prism ==> b= 1.5m
Height of the base triangle, h = 2m
Length of the prism, l = 5.5m
Volume of a triangular prism, V = 1/2 * b * h * l
This gives, volume, V= 1/2 * 1.5m * 2m * 5.5m= 8.25m3
Therefore, volume of the given triangular prism is 8.25m3

Example 2: Estimate the volume of the rectangular prism whose length is 3m, width is 2.7m and height is 4.5m.
Given the length of the rectangular prim, l = 3m
Width of the rectangular prism, w = 2.7m
Height of the rectangular prism, h = 4.5m
Volume of a rectangular prism, V = (length) * (width) * (height)
Hence, volume of the rectangular prism, V = 3m * 2.7m * 4.5m = 36.45m3
Therefore, the volume of the given rectangular prism = 36.45m3

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