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Surface Area Formula

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Surface area of a particular geometric shape is the sum of the areas of each surface or each face of the given shape. Surface area can also be known as Total surface area if we have to estimate the area of all the surfaces of a particular geometric structure. Therefore, total surface area can be calculated by adding up the individual area of each surface. We can find surface areas of various geometric structures such as cylinders, cones, pyramids, prisms etc.

Example 1: Calculate the total surface area of the cube if the side of the cube is 7m?

Given the side length of the cube, s = 7m
A cube has 6 surfaces and each surface is a square of equal sides.
Hence area of each surface = (side length)2
Area of each surface = (7m)2 = 49m2
There are ‘6’ surfaces in a cube, hence = 6 * s2 = 6 * 49m2 = 294m2
Hence the total surface area of the cube = 294m2

Example 2: Calculate the total surface area of a cylinder whose radius of the circular base is 2m and the height of the cylinder is 5m?

Given: radius, r = 2m
Height of the cylinder, h = 5m
Total Surface area of cylinder, SA = (2* π* r2) + (2* π* r* h)
This gives: Total surface area of the cylinder, SA= (2* π* 22) + (2* π* 2* 5) = 8π+ 20π = 87.9m2
Therefore, the total surface area of the given cylinder is 87.9m2

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