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Physics Formulas

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Physics is a part of the Physical Science branch and is considered one of the most important section in the Science. Physics is the study of the properties of matter and the energy.  The behavior and tendency of objects to perform actions in different ways is analyzed in Physics and in order to get the calculations based on this, we have to use the appropriate physics formulas. There are physics formulas in every concept such as linear motion, circular motion, heat, sound, energy etc.
Example 1: What is the distance covered by an object starting from rest in a time period of 5secs if it is moving with an acceleration of 4m/sec2?

The formula, distance, d = (u * t) + (1/2 * a * t2)

Here, u = initial velocity = 0m/sec (since it started from rest)

t = time interval = 5secs

‘a’ = acceleration of the object = 4m/sec2

Therefore, distance, d = (0 * 5) + (1/2 * 4 * 52) = 50m

Hence the distance covered by the object, d = 50m.

Example 2: What is the net force acting on an object of mass 20kg, if the net acceleration with which the object is moving is 3m/sec2?

The formula, net force, Fnet = m * a

Here, ‘m’ = mass of the object = 20kg

‘a’ = acceleration of the object = 3m/sec2

Therefore this gives, net force, Fnet = 20kg * 3m/sec2 ==> Fnet = 60N

Hence the net force acting on the object, Fnet = 60N.

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