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Geometry Formulas

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Geometry is a topic in Mathematics which is one of the important and most commonly used math topics. Geometry is the study of different shapes and structures such as triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, pyramids, prisms etc. It involves calculating the side lengths, angles, areas, perimeters etc. of various geometric figures and these calculations are based on the geometric formulas given for each different shape. Geometric formulas helps us analyze their structure and with this we can even compare two different or similar geometric shapes according to their measurements.
Example 1: Calculate the area of the rectangle ABCD if the length of the side AB is 10m and the side BC is 7m.

Area of the rectangle is given by the formula, Area = (Length) * (Width)

In the given question, length of the rectangle = length of the side AB = 10m

Width of the rectangle = side BC = 7m

Therefore we get, Area of the rectangle, A = 10m * 7m ==> Area, A = 70m2

Hence area of the given rectangle ABCD = 70m2

Example 2: Calculate the area of a circle if the radius of the circle is 5m.

Area of the circle is given by the formula, Area = π * (radius)2

In the above formula, ‘π’ (known as ‘pi’) is a constant ==> Value of π = 3.14

In the given question, radius of the circle, r = 5m

Therefore we get, Area of the circle, A = π * (5m)2 ==> Area, A = (3.14) * (25m2) = 78.5m2

Hence area of the given circle, A = 78.5m2

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