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Capacitance Formula

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Capacitance of a capacitor is numerically equal to the charge required to raise its potential or voltage  by unity.When charge is given to an isolated body its potential increases that means Charge Q is directly proportionalto the Potential V and C is a constant called capacitance of the capacitor.

 Q = C V

So,  C = Q/V

If, V = 1,  C = Q

By the equation it is clear that if the potential is one, Capacitor C will be equal to charge Q.

Example: Find the capacitance, if potential and charge are given as 7V and 2.4 C respectively.

Solution: Given that,

Charge, Q = 2.4 C and

Potential, V = 7 V

We have the capacitance formula,

C = Q/V = 2.4/7 = 0.34 F

Example: If the Potential across the conductor is 0.85 V and Charge flowing through conductor is

1.35 C. Determine the total capacitance of the conductor.

Solution: Given that,

Charge, Q = 1.35C and

Potential, V = 0.85 V

As we have the formula for the capacitance,

C = Q/V = 1.35/0.85 = 1.58 F.


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