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Average Velocity Formula

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Average velocity is average of all the given velocities. We can define it as the total displacement travelled in the total time is called average velocity.

          Average velocity = Total displacement/total time

Or               V(av) = Δs/Δt

Or               V(av) = (S2 – S1)/(t2 – t1)

          S1 = initial distance

          S2 = final distance

          t1= initial time

          t2 = final time

Since, Average velocity is the average value of all the velocities.

So,             V(av) = (Vi + Vf)/2

Where, V(av) = average velocity

                   Vi = initial velocity

                   Vf = final velocity

Example: A car is moving with initial velocity of 40 m/s and it reaches its destiny at 100 m/s. Calculate its average velocity.

Solution: Given
          Initial velocity= Vi = 40 m/s
          Final velocity = Vf = 100 m/s
V(av) = (Vi + Vf)/2
          = (40 + 100)/2 = 140/2 = 70 m/s.

Example: Calculate the average velocity at a particular time interval of a particle if it is moves 28 m at 2.5 s and 56 m at 6.5s along x-axis?

Solution: Given that,
          Initial position = 28 m
          Final position = 56 m
          Initial time = 2.5 sec
          Final time = 6.5 sec
          Average velocity = (56 – 28)/(6.5 – 2.5)
                                      = 28/4 = 7 m/s.


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