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Acceleration Formulas

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Suppose we travel in a car and suddenly we increase our velocity, there will be an extra push or jerk that is because of this acceleration. We can say we accelerated the car from lower velocity to higher velocity.

Change in velocity of a body in unit time is called acceleration. If the velocity change is positive it will be acceleration but if it is negative it will be decelerating.  It is denoted by “a”.

a = Change in velocity
or,     a = dV
Other formulas:

          a = v^2 – u^2
          a = 2(S-ut)
Its S.I unit is m/s^2.

Example: John throws a ball up with a velocity of 25 m/s. What is its acceleration if travels a distance of 12.4 m?

Solution: Given that,

  Initial velocity, v1 = 25 m/s

  Final velocity, v2 = 0 m/s

 Distance travelled, s = 12.4 m

Now we have the formula for acceleration,

    a = v^2 – u^2

  = 0 – (25)^2/2(12.4)

  = 125/24.8 = 5.04 m/s^2

Example: A stone is dropped into the river from the bridge. The Stone takes 8sec to touch the water surface of the river.

Calculate the height of the bridge from the water level.

Solution: Given that,

          Initial velocity, v1 = 0 m/s

          Time taken, t = 8 sec

          Acceleration due to gravity is a = g = 9.8 m/s^2

Now, we have the equation for distance,

  Height, h = vt + ½ at^2

 = 0 + ½ (9.8) (8)^2

  = 313.6 m

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